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HOMEWORK POLICY (click on link)

The Provincial Homework Policy establishes the expectation for educators to assign developmentally appropriate homework at each grade level to enhance student learning. This policy applies to all public schools in the province of Nova Scotia. Homework is an out-of-classroom activity that provides an opportunity for students to practice what they are learning in class. It should be evaluated to provide feedback to students. Homework can help students develop academically and personally when the work is carefully planned, directly connected to classroom learning, meaningful to students, and appropriate for a student’s age and stage of development.


Early Dismissal

Health Promoting Schools Model

Information Booklet (Including Bell Schedule, Medication, Epi-Pens, etc.)-_REVISED Sept. 2019

Health Education Outcomes

Physical Education Outcomes

Volunteers Child Abuse Register (click on link and download to fill out and then print off) ALL Volunteers are required to fill out form Child Abuse Register (Click on link or visit the school to fill it out) and A Vulnerable Sector Check (RCMP Office). A waiver form is available at the school so that volunteers do not pay for Vulnerable Record Check. All Volunteers are encouraged to fill out the forms at the beginning of the year so that you may volunteer for any event happening at the school (i.e. class trips, Breakfast Program, Hot lunch Program, etc.)