Breakfast Program

This year, St. Andrews Consolidated School is pleased to announce we are offering an enhanced Breakfast Program. Our breakfast offerings are available for all students. Each day, you will find a selection of some of the following items: fruit, vegetables, biscuits and jam, grilled cheese sandwich, boiled egg and toast, yogurt parfait, cheese and crackers, different variety of muffins, Cheerios squares, hummus and carrots, applesauce, breakfast burritos, pancakes, smoothies, French toast, apple cinnamon porridge, breakfast scramble, protein bites, English muffin egg and cheese sandwich, toast and bagels. Each morning there is always at least one hot option. All items are homemade and are prepared at the school each morning.  


We are fortunate to have an amazing Leadership Team who volunteer each morning to help with the Breakfast Program. The Leadership students take their jobs very seriously and have a lot of fun while they help prepare, deliver and serve the food each day. They help to provide a nutritious breakfast while also learning to give back to their school community.


We have two fridges available for the students which are fully stocked by the Leadership Team and all students are welcome to access them throughout the day.